Featured Products

Featured Products

Here are a few products that we carry that have had great feedback from our customers. Please give our sales representative feedback on products from our store, it helps us stay on the right track in order to bring our customers the best products on the market.

Topicals– We have a wide selection of lotions that will help with relief for some aches and pains.

Flex All $45

Nectar 1:1 CBD Lotions $40

Soothing Cream $20

Bodhi High -CBD Cream $20

Muscle melt $30

Bath Bombs $20

Edibles & CBD Edibles – Available for people that don’t want to smoke and would prefer ingesting it.

Magic Kitchen Edibles

Panda Candies

Juicy Candies by GaGa

Rays Lemonade Beverages: Available in 25mg & 75mg.. (Strawberry, Huckleberry, Lemonade, Orange)

Accessories– We now carry all of your smoking accessories product needs. Stop by and let us know what you are looking for we will offer the best products at the best deals possible.



Dab Rigs





Rolling Papers


Vape Cartridges– We offer a wide variety of vape cartridges both flavored and Raw. Stop by and view our selection or check out our online menu.

Clear Cartridges

Co2 Cartridges

BHO Cartridges

Wax & Concentrates– Too many great options available come into the store and check them out.. We love dabs!

Twax Joints– super chronic and very potent. Infused with Concentrate to give you a strong affect.

Fire Crackers – Panda oil Infused Joints.